Our Story

The Beginning

Our story started when a young Emirati returned from abroad hoping to serve his country and make a difference in the society.


He entered the world of information security, analyzed the cyber threat landscape and understood all emerging security trends and risks.

Best Practices

He started exploring the market by moving from semi-government to government and then to the private sector. Through his journey many gaps were identified and many initiatives were launched hoping to raise awareness among all individuals about information security best practices.

Making a Difference

From the city of Dubai in UAE started an idea of filling all the gaps by establishing EBDAA, the first Emirati consultancy company providing high quality consultancy and awareness services with a creative approach.

Our Services

Risk and Compliance

We assist organizations in implementing and achieving compliance with different local and international standards and best practices. Our team consists of highly qualified consultants specializing in various fields and subjects such as information security, business continuity, and service management. Having subject matter experts from different domains allows us to implement subject specific or integrated management systems.

Awareness & Education

End users are often considered the weakest link and are usually targeted due to their lack of awareness about best practices. Organizations have been implementing traditional awareness workshops for years in different industries hoping to mitigate the risk of lack of awareness. It has been proven through the years that traditional workshops have a limited impact on establishing a secure culture in any organization. Entities are still seeking.

Media Center

16th April 2015
EBDAA and the cyber-crime specialized legal consultancy Red & Partners have agreed to work together to raise public awareness on cyber security regulations.

22nd June 2015
EBDAA today announced that it has signed on as a partner of STOP. THINK. Connect., the global cybersecurity awareness campaign, to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online.