Awareness & Training

Workshops and Presentations

EBDAA offers creative and interactive workshops and presentations that engages the users in every activity. Workshops can be scenario based and can also include panel discussions, case studies, demos and quizzes.

Training Services

Often entities fail to maintain their management systems and ensure continual improvement therefore EBDAA started its training services to educate management system managers and risk managers about different standards and how to ensure effective maintenance. EBDAA highly recommends having awareness champions across the entity, therefore train the trainer sessions are essential for the success of any campaign.

Unique Digital Media Development

EBDAA also provides supporting material for the campaign. Each campaign will follow a specific theme and all developed media will based on the same theme. The creativity element in every developed media will ensure the innovation of a very attractive medium for delivering awareness messages.

Awareness Strategy

As a final result of every awareness campaign EBDAA provides a roadmap for development of future campaigns. Internal teams and champions will be trained to carry out the development and execution of future campaigns