Everything you need to know

What does EBDAA mean?
EBDAA means creativity in Arabic. It represents our identity as it is the core element of our business model.
What is EBDAA's corporate slogan?
Innovation through creativity.
What are EBDAA's values?
1. Creativity
2. Innovation
3. Quality
4. Customer satisfaction
What does the logo stand for?
The light bulb symbolizes creative ideas. The Arabic word (ابداع) is engraved in our logo to represent our Arabic culture and identity. The four green lines on the bulb symbolize that our ideas are generated while keeping our four core values in mind .
How can I become a part of EBDAA's family?
You can send your full resume and a cover letter to careers@ebdaa.ae or visit our career page to upload your resume.
How can my entity start a partnership with EBDAA?
You can send your company profile to info@ebdaa.ae and briefly mention your ideas for partnership. You can also send a request for being part of EBDAA initiatives.
Does EBDAA provide internship programs?
Yes. You can send your resume to careers@ebdaa.ae
Does EBDAA provide services outside UAE?
Yes. We do provide services outside UAE, however, service requests are accepted based on the type of service requested and our team availability to provide the requested service without compromising quality.